Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Communication and social change in developing countries Essay

Communication and social change in developing countries - Essay Example They demanded a continuation of the existing order, according to which, international communication depended on the principle of free flow of information (Graubart, May 1989, p629). This new international information order ultimately saw the light of day, and the third world countries sought for an order that was to be controlled publicly. However, the new information proved to be different from what they had dreamed of. The media of the United States criticized and condemned the new order. As such, most of the US corporations are very powerful in terms of capital and operational capabilities; due to the high concentration of capital and other economic resources in their countries. Furthermore, the United States is the dominant center for worldwide communications. Accordingly, it is very difficult for the third world nations to easily access information and to participate in the creation of messages. The strategies and other initiatives undertaken by the corporate giants of the US have enabled them to retain their powerful and advantageous position in the world. In the areas of production of robotics and automation, there is a growing use of digitalized informa tion, and computers are playing a key role in the information field. Moreover, several new industries have entered the information field, in order to provide processing, storage and dissemination of information, digital imagery and data handling. The present media industry incorporates this new subset and promotes the development of the system. In addition, mergers have become common, thereby creating a new form of corporate economy, in respect of cultural industries (Schiller, 6/8/1985, p696-698). The 1955 meeting in Bandun, Indonesia saw the inception of the nonaligned nations movement. That movement brought together most of the world leaders from the Asian and African

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