Saturday, February 1, 2020

Pervasive Computiong Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Pervasive Computiong - Research Paper Example This essay declares that the basic theory says that microprocessors can be embedded in everyday objects with the intention that they could be able to communicate information. Basically, these objects communicate with each other to carry out operations in support of the user. In fact, one of the basic goals of pervasive computing is to fade away from human observation; however the applications embedded in electronic devices must be down to business. In other words, they must be able to guess the requirements of the users in an attempt to provide them with anytime, anywhere desired information. In addition, both the terms pervasive and ubiquitous stand for "existing everywhere." This paper stresses that the target of scholars and researchers researching on pervasive computing is to build stylish products that can be used to communicate inconspicuously. Furthermore, these products are connected to the Internet and the data they produce is without problems accessible. There are many advantages of such technology based systems. This research will assess such advantages and will also outline some of the major issues in pervasive computing. This paper will also discuss some of the possible application areas of pervasive computing along with some ethical issues of pervasive computing. The pervasive computing can be implemented in a wide variety of departments, yet some of them still have not been identified. Some of the major applications of pervasive computing can be for healthcare, healthcare, environmental, transport monitoring and a lot of others. I have outlined below some of the main areas for the application of pervasive computing: (Tang; POST) Healthcare: Pervasive computing present’s opportunities for the future healthcare management all through the world, for managing and treating diseases, as well as for patient management. For example, new technology based remote sensors and monitoring technology can allow the healthcare professionals to continuously capture and analyze patients’ physiological data. In this scenario hospital and medical staff could be instantly alerted to some noticed irregularities (Tang; POST). Domiciliary care: Pervasive computing based sensors can be embedded all through the home to examine the association and fluctuations inside the ambient situation (for instance variation in temperature) to aware care-workers to some abnormality. In this scenario, the voice messages or visual displays could as well have the power to replace people to acquire medications, as video telephones could offer personal contact with family, friends and careers (Tang; POST). Intelligent transport systems: Pervasive com put

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